Why support the CTF?

The Clinician Task Force (CTF) provides the voice of the clinical community in order to make a positive difference in ensuring appropriate access to assistive technology. There is clearly a need for experienced clinicians in the field of wheeled mobility and seating to share their knowledge and experience regarding Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) and the CTF is that forum.

Are you interested in starting a seating clinic or providing seating and wheeled mobility service in your practice setting? If so, correct coding and documentation for therapy reimbursement is critical to understand. Check out the on-demand webinar "Therapy Billing Codes for Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Services" http://www.nrrts.org/teleseminars-1/on-demand-webinars-1

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Why is it so hard for me to get the wheelchair I need?

A video for full time wheelchair users on how to improve your access to get the wheelchairs you need!

A Message from former Executive Director Cathy Carver

The last two years of serving as the CTF Executive Director has been a very growing experience. To see the work of the Executive Board diligently reorganize the organization to be effectively engaged on the federal and state level has been inspiring. To see the membership double and get involved in advocating for their consumers to have better access to technologies and work on policies to improve access to those technologies has been strengthening. To see the CTF expertise become more visible and accessible and utilized especially during a global pandemic has been unifying as the industry came together to ensure our consumers did not lose access to clinicians and the CRT they needed. The CTF has risen to the occasion and is poised to become the place for clinicians, policy makers, national organizations, manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and others to come for the expert, evidence based clinical voice they need. Thank you CTF for trusting me with this opportunity to serve you and in turn made me a better advocate, clinician, and person.