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The Clinician Task Force is a 501c4 non-profit organization comprised of a group of professionals who practice, serve and provide education to and advocate for individuals who require seating and wheeled mobility products and services. The group is comprised primarily of OTs, PTs who practice in a wide variety of settings including outpatient rehabilitation, private practice, educational settings and community based programs. Some are full time educators in academic programs and others serve as Manufacturers and/or Suppliers. Membership maintains 80% clinicians not associated with a manufacturer or supplier of CRT and 20% from manufacturer/supplier employment. Those interested in membership can email cliniciantaskforce@gmail.com and be provided with an application. This will be reviewed and determined by the Executive Director and Board of Directors (EBOD) and notification provided. Membership is renewed annually at the end of each calendar year. We communicate in quarterly conference calls and via emails.

The CTF has an Executive Director and five Board of Directors. These are rotating positions that are vetted by nomination and approval by the EBOD. There is an administrative assistant that provides support on a regular basis. Further support personnel, such as accountants or legal services, are utilized on an as needed basis. The Executive Director and administrative assistant each receive a monthly stipend. Other work is budgeted and compensated for as projects and deliverables are identified and completed. See Articles of Organization for details of responsibilities and positions. The EBOD meets monthly via conference call.


The group collaborates and disseminates information as well as advocates for policy and legislative change to improve accessibility for consumers and their caregivers. We are an active group working in small groups on various issues. The CTF promotes expanded education for emerging and novice practitioners. The CTF members are active and visible on the governmental platforms in their individual states, and nationally. The CTF Members also actively participate and collaborate with their individual professional organizations (AOTA, APTA, RESNA, NCART, NRRTS to name a few.).


Financial Support - There are no dues to belong to this group. However, there are requirements for participation. See the Membership Agreement Form included on the website.

Executive Board Members

Cathy Carver

Executive Director - PT, ATP/SMS
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Amber Ward

Executive Member - MS, OTR/L, BCPR, ATP/SMS
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Stacey Mullis

Executive Member - OTR/L, ATP
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Jill Monger

Executive Member - PT, MS, ATP
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Lorri Bernhardt

Executive Member - PT, MPT, ATP
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Margaret Kennedy

Administrative Assistant
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