Clinician Task Force

Clinician Task Force Membership Application 2020

Our Mission

To provide clinical based expertise to inform and promote public policy, best practices, and positive outcomes regarding people with disabilities who require Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) products and related services.

Application Requirements

Please be advised that prior to your application being review by the executive board you will be required to submit two personal references, found here, as well as a personal statment. Once all items have been completed the exectuive board will review your application and respond within two to three weeks.

Our Purpose

The CTF was formed out of a need for a viable forum to gather opinions and recommendations from the leaders in the clinical community in order to formulate position papers and responses and submit them to policy makers, government officials and Congress in a timely responsive manner. It has evolved into a group of seating and wheeled mobility leaders who are also passionate about promoting clinical best practices for those needing CRT and increasing clinical capacity in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy fields.

As a volunteer task force, funded by voluntary donations, the CTF is established to fulfill the stated mission and purpose. The Executive Board is responsible for leadership, direction, and oversight of CTF priorities, activities, and funds. The work that is needed to affect change, provide evidence, support end-users and interface effectively with suppliers and third- party payors and government has become increasingly more complex. We are requiring all CTF members to make a formal commitment to produce tangible intervention and outcomes to meet the goals of the task force. Each member must commit to joining at least one work group and must be willing to offer a minimum of five hours to that work group. If you are unable to give your 5 hours of volunteer time, please communicate with your work group leader or the Executive Director.

Our Membership

The CTF seeks to engage qualified clinicians to carry out the mission and purpose of our group. Membership to the CTF is considered through nominations from CTF members. The Executive Board reviews all applications for membership against the eligibility criteria. Upon approval, all members are required to review the CTF Operating Manual and sign an annual Membership Agreement. To maintain the credibility of the CTF as a voice of practicing independent clinicians, CTF membership shall be comprised of no more than 20% of clinicians with full-time commercial interests.


To provide this annual membership agreement:
1. I understand and commit to the mission, values and purpose of the CTF.
2. I agree to adhere to all legal standards and ethical norms.
3. I commit to represent the perspective of a practicing clinician, participate in problem solving and decision making through a consensus group process, and abide by professional standards of practice and code of ethics.
4. I commit to regular attendance of meetings, including reviewing documents and minutes. If unable to attend a scheduled meeting I will provide advance notification for an excused absence.
5. If I choose, I may abstain from lending my support to a particular CTF initiative by contacting the Executive Director by email to be removed from the signature page.
6. I agree to join at least one work group related to my expertise, connections, interest, and availability and commit a minimum of 5hrs to that work group. Participation will be tracked by the work group leaders.
7. I agree to participate in education and advocacy efforts, including contact with Congressional members to share information and request support, seek support from my employment affiliations and spearhead grassroots action at my facility and in my community.
8. I agree to participate in fundraising efforts according to the CTF guidelines to sustain the mission and priorities of the CTF.
9. I commit to notifying the Executive Director in writing of changes in employment, contact information, or ability to fulfill my membership obligations.

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